A Cost-Effective Option for Sports Fields and Play Areas

artificial grass play grounds

A Cost-Effective Option for Sports Fields and Play Areas

From soccer to hockey, from netball to lunch pause areas, artificial grass can be a very cost-effective option for your sports fields and play areas.

And, with our drought still in play, one has to consider ways to get around planting real grass and maintaining.


Sports Fields

No matter the size, artificial grass can be laid down.  You may worry that it won’t handle the rough traffic, but you would be wrong.  The type of grass we use is built for the swift turns, the scuffing of boots and the knocking of hockey sticks.

We do urge you though, to maintain the lawn as much as you would have a real grass field, and possibly even more often.

But, you could also take up one of our Maintenance Contracts and never have to worry about maintaining again.  In fact, we encourage you to.  When the sports season hits you, going out and raking, blowing and rinsing your artificial grass field, will seem like a job all on its own.  And, it is, no doubt.

Just let us pop by, regularly, when the fields are not in use, and ensure the grass stays perky, fresh and standing up to attention.


Play Areas

Real grass can get quite muddy and dirty after a bunch of 6-year olds have run around like madness.  But, with our artificial grass, you can be assured that they will not only NOT ruin the grass, but they will be protected by it.

Protected, you ask?

Yes, kids fall, and they fall often.  But, when they fall on our grass they fall on a relatively soft surface.

Another great fact about installing artificial grass into a play area is that its UV protected, so it won’t fade in the sun over time.  It also doesn’t get hot in the sun and it is very child friendly.

Our grass is lead-free, mercury-free and free of all toxic elements.  Your babies are safe on our grass!


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