About - Artificial Grass
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About Us

Artificial Grass Southern Africa


Artificial Grass Southern Africa was established in 2014, and currently has 15 franchises across South Africa. Our mission is to educate households across South Africa to be saving one of our most scares commodities namely water. One way of doing so is to invest in artificial landscaping, sports fields and recreation.


Artificial Grass Southern Africa is the largest supplier and installer of artificial turf in South Africa. We are striving to provide the best artificial turf systems to both sport and landscape applications. Our products have served various clients from different regions with different needs, including professional football clubs, government bodies, schools, and countless households around South Africa


Our grass is safe for humans and animals, for no lead or mercury are present in our final product. The colors of our landscaping grass are based on natural forest, trees, plants and grass of South Africa to set a standard of the “look and feel” of natural grass.

The firm’s partners attend to every aspect of each project, regardless.


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