Safety First!

When installing anything in your home, you need to be asking yourself a few pertinent questions:

  1. Is the product safe around children and pets?
  2. Does the product consist of heavy metals, such as mercury, lead, HG, CD, and CR?
  3. What will happen to the product when exposed to direct sunlight over time?
  4. Will the product heat up under direct and continuous sunlight?
  5. Is the product flammable and to what extreme? i.e. cigarette butts, hot coals, candles, etc. And, what will happen when it burns? Will it burn on the spot or spread?
  • With Artificial Grass Southern Africa, you don’t need to worry about any of these concerns. We have developed our unique product with all this in mind.
  • There are no heavy metals and our grass is 100% safe when exposed to direct sunlight. And, we welcome your kids and pets to play on our artificial grass, with no worries.
  • To prove this, we will provide you with a UV Defender and Health Certificate. In fact, we insist, should you come across another product similar to ours, to always ask for these proofs. If they cannot provide them, then you should steer clear away.


So, what does the installation process look like?

  1. First, the dug-out area needs to be made compact, so that the foundation is firm and is a secure base to build on
  2. Preparation of the area to prevent any plant, weed or grass growth is important, as well as to prevent against mole activity
  3. For good water filtration, compacting gravel is added, as well as to increase the firmness of the area. You won’t be very happy when you see your new artificial grass floating down the garden path after the first heavy rains. In fact, we use the same material found in our national roads. This sub-base is also known as G5 or G7 gravel.
  4. The entire area is then topped up with sand and cement to level it out, and flatten the surface evenly
  5. The edges and joining areas are prepared for gluing with precision attention to detail
  6. Finally, the artificial turf is installed
  • All you need to do after this, is enjoy your new investment!
  • No stage is left out ever in our installation process, and we always have someone on site to ensure all work is finished off in a quality manner.
  • Contact us today for a free consultation.