How can you pair your real garden with Artificial Grass?

pair your real garden with artificial grass

How can you pair your real garden with Artificial Grass?

It’s a question we receive quite often, and its one that we love to chat about.  How to pair your real garden with artificial grass can be tough, but not if you use our services.

Often times, you will have an existing garden, and its mostly the grass that struggles, especially due to our water restrictions.  If you thought about it ahead of time, you will have quite a few water wise plants and trees.  To pair your real garden with artificial grass can seem like a daunting task.

But, not to worry, we have some great tips for you on how to pair these and pair them well.

  1. Let our professional installers work around your existing garden – with a fine-tuned plan, we can easily wind our grass into your space and make it look like it was always there
  2. Have a plan and an idea – if you don’t have an existing garden and want to add water wise plants, then draw up a basic plan of your ideas – we will work with you to make it perfect
  3. Better yet, get a landscaper in – our professionals will work very well with a landscaper in plotting out how to pair it all together
  4. Existing trees – trees are precious! They take a long time to grow to full size, so protecting them is essential.  We are able to work around your trees and ensure they are not affected by the new installation
  5. Pots! Yes, pots are king!  Strategically placing pots around your garden will, not only take up some space, meaning lowering costs, so that you have less to cover with the lawn, but also add that pop that can bring it all together
  6. Water wise! Artificial grass is water-wise already, and adding in some lush fatty-leaf plants can help to keep your garden environmentally friendly and water-saving
  7. Colour Coordinated – you may be worried that the addition of synthetic lawn to your already established garden will look proper fake, but that won’t be the case. We have ensured that the colour of our grass is as close to South African grass colour as possible. We have many varieties of colours and all are very natural looking

For more info on how to pair your real garden with artificial grass, please link through to our contact page and we will be happy to help you further. comments:0