How to maintain your artificial grass

Installation is complete and you are super happy with the outcome!

While you can look forward to no watering, moving and weeding down the line, you do need to still maintain your artificial grass.

Here is a simple 5-pointer checklist on maintaining your new grass:

Weekly –

  1. Rinsing, Raking and Blowing

When and if we get rain, you won’t need to do this part.  But, with our drought, your artificial grass needs a good light spray of water, a rake with a plastic rake (not steel, please!), or you can use a garden blower.

This will get rid of any dust and debris, as well as give the grass a quick pimp up.

  1. Pet Droppings

If you own a pet, you will find they will treat your artificial grass like any other real grass (it is that lifelike!)  This means you will need to pick the droppings up, like you would should you have had real grass.

Give the grass a quick rinse, and you’re all set.  Our grass is perfectly safe for pets.

Monthly –

Similarly, take some time on a monthly basis to give the grass a good once over with a soft rake or stiff broom.  This also helps the grass to stand up straight, instead of leaning over.  Rake against the grain to obtain the best possible look.

Accidents will happen!

Harsh spills (such as wine) and blood

  • Try a plain water rinse
  • Or a mild soap and water mix
  • Or half vinegar and half water mix


Chewing Gum

  • Remove as much of the chewing gum as you can, gently
  • If that doesn’t work, place some ice on the chewing gum – it should lift up easily after a few minutes


Hot Ash, Cigarettes, and Coal

Our grass won’t burn easily, and most times a hot object will leave a melted spot.  It is advisable not to smoke or make a fire near or on the artificial grass

If in doubt, call one of our Artificial Grass representatives, and ideally take up our Maintenance contract, whereby we will come out on a regular basis and do the work for you.


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