Our 10 Water Saving Tips

It’s sad that Cape Town is going through effectively a drought.

Our gardens are suffering.

Our pools are empty.

And, we may just be queuing for water for drinking, cooking and washing soon.

What to do?

You probably have heard all the water saving tips already, but it always helps to know a few more.

Here are our 10 Water Saving Tips:

  1. Place a large bucket on wheels in your shower and use to water your garden or fill your pool
  2. Keep a manageable sized bucket next to each toilet and pour with a rapid action down the toilet to replace using the flusher
  3. When we do get some rain, make sure you have buckets spotted outside to catch all you can
  4. Line your oven trays and cooking dishes with foil, to avoid having to wash them – simply throw the foil away
  5. Have an “army” shower i.e. switch on to wet your body, switch off and lather up with soap (using shampoo from head to toe helps), switch on to rinse off – done!
  6. Install a bore-hole or well-point in your garden to use for watering the garden and filling the pool – or go a step further and have a plumber connect it up to your sewer system
  7. If its yellow let it mellow – If its brown flush it down
  8. Check that your pipes and taps are not leaking
  9. Re-use your cooking water i.e for pasta, boiling eggs, etc. as watering for your plants and garden
  10. Install Artificial Grass today!