The Artificial Grass Proposal Process

So, you have decided to that you are tired of that sad and sorry garden of yours.

The water restrictions are getting worse, and you don’t see a bright future for your grass.

Here is what you can expect should you employ our services to install our artificial grass:

  1. Book an initial consultation, so that we can chat to you about your needs and see the area in question
  2. Receive our detailed quotation
  3. Accept our quotation and decide on an installation date
  4. Installation day!
  5. Constant feedback on the work, as it progresses
  6. Final inspection
  7. Sign off installation with a representative, who will take you through the entire process and maintenance aspect
  8. Follow up consultation a few months later, to check on the workmanship

Further, we recommend signing up for our reasonably rated Maintenance Contract.

This is where we will pop in once a month to ensure your artificial grass stays in pristine condition, and attend to any issues you may have encountered.

Whether you take the Maintenance Contract, or not, we will not leave you high and dry.  Clear instructions will be given to you on how to look after your artificial grass.

Check in with us to book your consultation!

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