Why a Maintenance Contract is a great idea


Why a Maintenance Contract is a great idea

It’s a little-known fact that most of us are just terrible at maintaining things. Be it your car, your nails or of course, your garden. So, for your artificial grass, consider a maintenance contract.


Why do you need a Maintenance Contract?

Once your artificial lawn has been laid and you are enjoying the beauty of it all, you will, like with most things in life, have to maintain it.  You want your grass to always look perky and pristine.  And, that requires you to do a few things.



Remove pet droppings regularly.  And, should chewing gum get stuck, remove that immediately.  This applies to any harsh spills.


You will need to lightly sweep and rinse your lawn to remove dry leaves and dust.


Using a flexible plant rake or blower, gently move over your lawn and ensure it’s against the grain.

If that sounds just too much trouble, then consider our Maintenance Contract.


What does our Maintenance Contract offer?

On a regular basis, on a day and time of your choosing, our team will pop over to cover the following:

– Rinsing of the lawn
– Raking to ensure the grass stands up perfectly again
– Blowing all the debris, dust and any other items off
– Removing of pet droppings and wiping the grass to ensure its clean
– See to any other messes, such as chewing gum drops, spills and burns


No Fuss – No Worry!

You have spent your hard earned cash, and sacrificed some time for the installation, all to have artificial grass installed, so looking after it is vital.

Regular maintaining will lengthen the grass’s life span and ensure your area always looking marvellous and good as new.


Contact us to find out about our Maintenance Plans today!

And …

… did you know, here at Artificial Grass, we also maintain other brands of synthetic grass?


So, even if you didn’t install with us (sad, though it may be) we will come out on a regular basis and ensure your artificial grass is always looking its best.